Marine Honors Military at Rolling Thunder 2011

News and Society | | August 15, 2011 at 10:27 pm
Marine Honors Military at Rolling Thunder 2011 – Click here for the funniest movie of the week

Every year in DC Rolling Thunder roared and for many veterans the annual parade to pentagon, the Vietnam\’s Veteran Memorial is made even more special by one man. They call him the lone marine. For years he\’s been unnamed. The story of his tribute untold until now.

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  1. What an inspiring and awe evoking story this is, touching and trans-formative at the same time. It really makes you appreciate what these great men have gone through.

  2. Mara917 says:

    Man he's very determined. Sgt. Tim Chambers has stood this post since 2002. He's really dedicated to what he's doing.

  3. This in an interesting story, i would recommend you watch this

  4. Langbein4094 says:

    Holding a salute for more than 3 hours straight is extremely long time. To hold a salute that long takes a lot of determination and discipline. And he does it every year! This Guy is a real Marine…

  5. says:

    yes its absolutely good.we should respect our troops.our troops are fighting for us .this not only marines should do it it all of us duty that we should should pay our respect to them .they are putting there life in danger for us.every one should contribute to encourage our soldiers.Thanks very much for serving our country and make home safer.

  6. Mirella Imler says:

    Holding this salute this long is nearly impossible for a healthy marine and unthinkable for a wounded warrior.